Complex Civil Litigation

The best results in litigation will come from effective preparation. Complex litigation cases, those which cover a variety of legal problems spanning several practices areas, are where the pre-trial preparation work we do benefits our clients. The majority of civil cases settle before trial and as trial lawyers we often achieve better results. Preparing complex cases for trial sends the message that settlement decisions will be based on the case and sound business considerations, not concern of a possible trial.

At MFH, our trial oriented philosophy reflects our experience, our success and our efficiency. Our attorneys have tried many complex cases in trial courts across Colorado and before the United States District Court for Colorado. We use cost-efficient computerized litigation support that allows us to successfully manage cases with hundreds of thousands of documents.

The trial experience of MFH’s attorneys provides valuable perspective, even when a client may be considering alternative dispute resolution. Through focus and organization we guide our clients through the most complex of cases in pursuit of a quality result.

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