Legal Malpractice

The attorneys at McConnell Fleischner Houghtaling, LLC enjoy a long-standing reputation in the legal community for successfully defending professionals in malpractice matters. A significant portion of the firm’s reputation evolves from a strong commitment to defending individual attorneys and/or law firms that are faced with claims of legal malpractice. MFH’s extensive experience in legal malpractice provides our clients an advantage in litigation.

MFH believes in handling matters for our clients as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. We strive to simplify the issues early in the litigation process. The majority of the cases we handle are dismissed on motion prior to trial. The cases that proceed to trial have and continue to result in favorable outcomes for our clients.

MFH’s appellate record for legal malpractice cases is excellent. Our attorneys have helped define the law in this area through numerous published decisions. MFH attorneys also have written extensively on Colorado legal malpractice law, including the yearly update on legal malpractice litigation in Colorado. We have strong business relationships with the majority of insurance companies that insure Colorado attorneys. Our commitment to our clients and our proficient case management continue to earn us the most respected compliment in the legal profession, referrals from lawyers and law firms we have represented in the past.

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