Transportation Law

MFH is well-versed in regulatory, technical and legal issues that impact our clients’ operations. Our attorneys have defended several of the largest trucking companies and their insurers in various claims, including those involving fatalities and catastrophic injuries.  From the outset of a trucking accident, we work with our clients to investigate a potential claim and protect the trucking company and its driver’s interests.  Members of the firm’s Emergency Response Team are on call 24/7 with motor carriers, insurers and TPAs.  When called upon, we will bring our experience in the preservation of evidence, protection of the trucking driver’s rights and, when requested, communicating with potential claimants and their representatives.  We also have the expertise to address CMS reporting requirements and MSA issues facing insurers and self-insureds in resolution of trucking disputes.

MFH attorneys also understand the economic environment in which our clients and their insurers operate. We recognize that costly, protracted litigation is often not in the motor carrier’s best interests, regardless of liability, and we work with our clients to implement the best possible resolution plan.  However, when litigation is the appropriate response, we are skilled at developing and executing an effective trial strategy.

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